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Can You Hire A Custom Home Builder Without Having A Design Yet?

Can You Hire A Custom Home Builder Without Having A Design Yet?

Building a custom home is now a popular way to have a dream house that reflects your personality and lifestyle and is uniquely yours. Finding the right builder for a custom home in Melbourne that you can truly call your own is easy. Just contact Hale Corp, whose custom builds are sophisticated, functional and have a timeless character. Choose a house design that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Hale is a custom home builder that uses only the best materials and works to the highest specifications to deliver custom homes and commercial buildings that command attention for all the right reasons.

Can You Have a House Custom Built?

Yes, as a custom home builder, we can construct your home to your specifications and whatever style and size you choose. At Hale, we promise you a home with plenty of natural light and one that fits your budget, your block of land, your family and your lifestyle perfectly. We can design floor plans that flow effortlessly, and we provide quality, top-notch finishes that spell luxury living.

We Aim to Build Your Dream Home

As custom home builders, we are aware that to you, a home is not about ‘bricks and mortar’ but it’s a refuge, a sanctuary where you can feel safe and secure and enjoy the company of the essential people in your life. Our passion is to do the hard yards during the design and building process to deliver your custom build, no matter what you desire in a home. Our promise to you at Hale custom builders is to ensure your home is inspirational and a sheer delight in the years ahead.

Do You Need a Design With Hale?

At Hale, we work hard during the construction project to bring you the home you have in mind. Combining your ideas and needs with our expertise, we design and build the house you’ve always dreamed of owning. We’ve been building dream homes for our Melbourne clients since 2006, and every one of these homes has been unique, so your home will be nothing like anyone else’s.

Our experienced builders offer quality services when building custom homes and deliver our clients precisely what they want throughout the build.  Our service is the best and surpasses that of other custom home builders in Melbourne.

There’s Unlimited Choice When You Choose Hale

Building a custom home is an exciting time in anyone’s life. At Hale, we understand this and assure our clients that we use the best quality building materials, superb finishes and world-class skills to produce unsurpassed results.

At any given time, we will be working on constructing only a select number of custom home building projects. We can therefore guarantee a top-level service that reaches far beyond any traditional builder in Melbourne. Our success depends on your satisfaction.  When you’re happy, we’re happy.

What Styles are Available?

At Hale, our styles range from contemporary designs to Edwardian, French Provincial, Art Deco, and everything in between. If you can visualise what you want, we are the best builders to build it. If you have a design or a clear idea of your perfect Melbourne build, our friendly team can do it. If you have a simple concept requiring further refinement, we can materialise it, providing it aligns with local council town planning and permits.

The Advantage of a Custom Home Build

As a quality custom builder, we can accommodate your needs and requirements and we are fully aware that you have chosen us because you do not want a bog-standard house. And we know you don’t want a house like the one in the next street or the next suburb. Your custom built home must be unique, reflecting your style and personality. You might also have specific ideas or needs that don’t come with an off the rack home design.

What About My Budget?

At Hale, we consider your budget and cost restrictions (and don’t be shy about telling us how much you want to spend). We also take into account the shape and size of the land and your personal choices and ideas to design exactly what you desire in the construction of your dream home.

To save time, you can show us your own floor plan, or we can work with you to design an up-to-date one. As a homebuyer, no matter whether you want a single or multi storey home, we can tailor it to suit your unique vision of your new home with the design elements you choose.

If you’ve decided to go ahead and build a custom home in Melbourne, why not let custom builder Hale materialise your vision? Contact Hale Corp, Melbourne’s most trusted custom builder for further information on 03 9646 7856, email info@halecorp.com.au or fill in the convenient contact form and a member of our team will soon be in touch to talk about your custom home project.

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