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Modern Architecture House

To build a modern architectural house, you should follow your unique style and never imitate others. Why go to the trouble of building a home that is just another little box in a suburb full of other little boxes that are the same?

If you want a home that is in every sense your very own, Melbourne’s Hale Corp architectural builders are renowned for excellence in cutting-edge workmanship following a range of residential properties and modern architecture home plans.

What is a Modern Architecture Home?

The modern home exterior exhibits clean lines, huge windows, and sleek lines. Materials used in the design and build of a modern home can be steel, industrial metals, or wood. The large windows and open floor plan give the outside world a glimpse of the home’s fashionable interior design and decoration.

Modern architecture was the response to the cluttered, and fancy styles in vogue back in the 1800s, including Victorian and Edwardian. The approach differs when you think about Japanese architecture, British architects or international style e.g.

And while most people wouldn’t hesitate to live in a home designed by America’s Frank Lloyd Wright or Australia’s Harry Seidler, most people want even more up-to-date, contemporary styles today.

Features of a Modern Architecture Home Design

Many home builders look for modern architecture features that are reflected by their personality style. They may want a sleek and forward-thinking exterior design with elements that inspire, a modern architecture kitchen design, an individual main entrance, open floor plans and inspired interiors. Modernism includes large windows, clean interior and exterior lines and the use of industrial metals that provide a warm glow when night falls.

The Modern Architecture Residential Building

Hale Corp builds don’t sacrifice individuality and integrity in a modernist architecture residential building, and we know much more is involved in bringing a dream home to completion than a simple choice of an external style.

In all of its iterations, contemporary architecture has been made possible thanks to the plethora of ingenious building materials and techniques that were not available to Seidler or Lloyd-Wright. Using new and innovative technologies, the home designs of today can steer away from anything that has ever been built in the past.

The Modern Architecture Concept

When many people think of architecture they imagine examples of the great towers and structures of the world in European cities, Palm Springs or New York. They think of a famous art museum, the Sydney Opera House, the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, or Melbourne’s Federation Square.

But the modern architecture concept isn’t limited to these “starchitect” designs. The modern architecture house can express itself and its owners in many-faceted ways, in natural materials, unusual shapes and sizes, and a fascinating landscape that suits the aspirations and lifestyles of those living in the building.

Modernist Architecture Residences

Residential modernism in architecture can range from a tiny sustainable spheroid capsule in country Australia for those who want to go off-grid, to a prefab family house with lots of space in the Melbourne suburbs.

Home builders come in all shapes and sizes and they all want something unique, from a modernist design in a cantilevered apartment building overlooking the Parramatta River in Sydney to a cube-shaped mirrored retreat in a Queensland rainforest treehouse with nature all around.

Hale is here for every architect home-build style or preference, no matter what has influenced a decision on the structure of the residence, whether brick or steel, in the city or the forest.

Architecture and Modern House Design

The modern architecture house builder no longer thinks of their home as some ordinary, impersonal shelter with X amount of rooms hidden behind a conventional facade. Homes in the modern age are seen as extensions or expressions of what home builders can conceive as the best lifestyle pattern for themselves and their families.

Houses are complex structures, all mixed up with traditions and emotions. A good home design is created by a combination of an able, talented and sympathetic architect, and an imaginative and enlightened client.

Why Choose Hale Corp Architect-Designed Homes?

The modern architecture homes we construct at Hale Corp are the result of our long experience in developing custom, architect-designed homes in Melbourne. You can be assured that since we started our business in 2006, we’ve never built the same home twice. The reason for this is we know full well that your home should be uniquely yours and reflect your individual lifestyle.


Ready to build your dream home? Looking to expand your investment portfolio? Whether you plan to reside or rent, Hale will deliver outstanding results. From effortlessly flowing floorplans to premium quality finishes, our homes encapsulate modern living – and offer maximum return on your investment. As custom luxury home builders, there’s nothing we can’t create. Detached homes, townhouses, apartments and multi-unit developments are all part of our offering – and all designed to inspire and delight.


Are you a developer or investor looking for a premium building partner? Hale can help you achieve your goals. As Melbourne’s multi-residential experts, we deliver winning developments in all shapes and sizes. From boutique townhouses and high-end apartments to units, duplexes and subdivisions, our capabilities cover the full spectrum of multi- residential building. We even offer a complete turnkey service, from site selection to settlement. Minimise stress, maximise returns, make your mark on Melbourne.


Need a commercial builder that’s efficient, reliable and experienced? Hale will exceed your expectations, with fresh, functional working spaces designed around your unique needs. By meticulously managing every detail, we ensure your project is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality and safety. We build everything from office spaces to education centres. No matter the size of your project, you can rely on professional service and exceptional results.

We Listen to You, and We Hear You

At Hale, we listen to you, understand your vision and bring it to life. Our builders work to the highest standards and specifications, ensuring every tiny detail in your new home is perfect and exactly as you imagined.

Contact us today at (03) 9646 7856 and be sure to check out the rest of the website, look through our display centre for modern home ideas and to see what we can do for you.

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