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6 Features You Only Find in Luxury Homes

6 Features You Only Find in Luxury Homes

Luxury homes are more than stunning visuals and indulgent finishes.

But what exactly makes a luxury home? Or to be more specific, what unique features or items clearly distinguish a ‘luxury home’?

Ultimately, what defines a luxury home is subjective. But it’s safe to say that many luxury homes have features and items that are definitely not common to the average or traditional household.

So, whether you’re after luxury home decor ideas or gathering ideas of luxury items for your new home build, keep reading to see our top unique luxury home features list below.

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1. State of the Art Security Systems


Luxury homes can attract a lot of unwanted attention. From burglaries to uninvited visitors, all luxury homes need the latest state-of-the-art security systems.

These security systems may feature anything from 4K video surveillance (CCTV) cameras, night vision cameras with highly advanced zooming capabilities, smart security systems that allow you to lock and unlock doors from a mobile device or computer, as well as a range of high end alarm systems that can also be connected to your devices for timely alerts and notifications.

2. Smart Home Technology

Smart home devices

Smart home devices are must-have luxury home items that make life comfortable and add a sophisticated flair to your home. With a touch of a button or even simply by using your voice, smart home technology in luxury homes can be used to set the perfect mood and atmosphere.

Smart home devices include features where you can control the lights, blinds, heating/cooling system, and so much more – anytime and anywhere. For instance, you can set the temperature of your home while you’re at work, so once you step into your home it’ll be perfectly warm or cool to your liking!

At Hale, we don’t just build, we innovate. We’re the experts who deliver exceptional luxury homes that perfectly fit your needs.

3. Chef’s Kitchen With Butler’s Pantry

Chef’s Kitchen With Butler’s Pantry

A Chef’s Kitchen and Butler’s Pantry are key features that you’ll commonly find in luxury homes. Chef’s kitchens are commercial grade kitchens fitted out with a range of premium appliances. Some must-have luxury home items in Chef’s Kitchen rooms include: double ovens, heating drawers, kitchen islands, sub-zero refrigerators and freezers, custom cabinetry, and plenty more.

A Butler’s pantry is another luxury home exclusive addition to the kitchen area, featuring a walk-in pantry and extra storage space for all your groceries and other goods.

4. Spa Bathroom

Spa Bathroom

A luxury home isn’t complete without a spa bathroom. Spa bathrooms (or spa-inspired bathrooms) let you unwind in style, featuring anything from marble countertops, beautiful lighting, grand showers and bathtubs, modern mirror designs, and more. Depending on the style of luxury home you’re after, there are a range of spa bathroom and luxury home decor ideas to choose from.

Hale’s Finishes Display Centre will have you spoilt for choice, with over 600 different interior and exterior finishes for you to see, touch and explore for your luxury home.

5. Walk-In Wardrobes

Walk In Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe is another unique feature that is exclusive to luxury homes. Usually connected to bedrooms, walk-in wardrobes showcase your collection of clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories all in one place – with extra room for you to walk around in. The best luxury walk-in wardrobes combine the best of functionality with aesthetics, bringing you the best of both worlds.

6. Home Theatre Room

Home Theatre Room

Home theatre rooms bring the cinema to you, right in the comfort of your home. Home theatre or cinema rooms are another indulgent way to relax, which is why it’s another popular feature you’ll find in many luxury homes.

Luxury house items in home theatre rooms can include anything from roll out TVs, premium quality recliner seats, smart lighting, and so much more.

With all the many unique features you can find in luxury homes, it’s important to know that what makes a luxury home for you might differ from the next person. That’s why when it comes to designing your dream luxury home, it’s best to get the assistance from experienced designers and builders who know exactly what you want and can bring your visions into a reality.

At Hale, we’ve built timeless, elegant, and unique luxury homes for over a decade. Whether you’re still in the brainstorming phase or already have a clear picture of what you’d like in your luxury home, Hale is the leading building company you can rely on. Get in touch today – call (03) 9646 7856 or fill out our quick contact us form today and we’ll be with you shortly.

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