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How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home From Start to Finish?

How Long Does it Take to Build a Custom Home From Start to Finish?

When it comes to building new custom homes, one of the most common questions we get asked is how long it would take to complete from start to finish – and for good reason.

A custom home build is something all owners want to get right the first time, given that there are so many variables that could throw things off track. Plus, custom home builds are an investment that require a considerable amount of resources, budget and cost.

The good news is, by choosing a reputable builder for your custom house builds, you’ll be provided with a lot more clarity, transparency, and confidence in regards to how long it’ll take for your home to be completed. That’s why at Hale, we’ve spent years perfecting and refining our building processes to ensure your home builds are completed to the highest standards, within your budget, and most importantly, on time.

When it comes to providing a direct answer to the question ‘how long does it take to build a custom home from start to finish?’ there are really two types of responses – a short answer and a long one. The short answer would be the average time it’ll take to complete your custom home (which we’ll go through below), whereas the long answer (and more accurate one) is that it really depends on a range of factors and differs case by case.

At Hale, your satisfaction is our success. 

Whether you have a clear idea of your dream custom home, or a simple concept requiring more refinement, we’re the most trusted custom builders in Melbourne you can rely on to get the results you’re after.

Average Time to Build a House

The average time to build a house that is custom designed is about 12 months or slightly longer. Also, this is given that there is a clear brief and no mishaps occur along the way.

This applies more for custom home builds that are single story or relatively familiar in terms of design. For second storey homes, more complicated or extravagant designs in custom homes, this may take even longer, up to two years in some cases. With a custom home time frame, completion will take longer than the average standard-built home.

Factors That Affect How Long it Takes to Build a Custom House

Determining how long a custom designed home will vary on a range of factors. However, to keep things simple, here are the main or the biggest factors that you should consider:

Factor #1 – Land: Much of the initial stages during building a custom home involve flattening and leveling the block of land. Depending on how much of a slope there is and whether there are things like trees, rocks, or even reactive soil, there may be a lot more time required than initially planned for this process.

Factor #2 – Design: One of the more obvious factors is what your custom home design will look like. Since no two custom homes are the same, there’ll be a lot more to consider during the ideation stages, brainstorming, designing, as well as perfecting the finishing touches.

Factor #3 – Weather: Highly experienced builders factor in the possibilities of bad weather into your custom build timeline, but not every bad day of rain, storm, and wind will be accurately predicted – so you’ll have to consider the high possibility of having your custom home build completion date delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

At Hale, our custom design and construction capabilities include documentation, drawings, permits and construction,  everything is available under one roof.

Custom Home Building Process Timeline

Assuming you’ve got your loan, bought the block and provided all relevant documents including a signed building contract and council approval, most custom house building work will begin within six months. You normally pay the builder an upfront deposit, but it depends on your contract.

Here is what you can expect during your custom home building process timeline:

Step #1 – Site clearing: There may be site-levelling, clearing and soil testing before any construction can begin.

Step #2 – Laying the Foundation: Pouring the slab, under-slab drainage, pouring the footings, special mesh for termite protection and a moisture barrier.

Step #3 – Frame stage: Installing support structure, walls, plumbing and electrical conduits, the roof frame gutters, sheeting and insulation.

Step 4# – Fittings and Installations: Windows, doors and walls are installed so builders can  begin the fitout.

Step 5# – Fitout and Fixtures: Plumbing, electrical and other fixtures and fittings are installed. Cornices, cabinets and shelving, tiling and architraves are added.

Step 6# – Practical completion: Painting, detailing and installations are completed and you’re ready to move in and receive the keys.

Importance of Choosing the Right Custom Home Builders

Lastly, some factors that delay the completion of a custom build can be minimised or avoided with a smart project manager and reliable, adaptable workers like those at Hale in Melbourne. The time it takes to complete, and the quality of your project depends on the custom home builders you choose.

At Hale, your home will be built on time and to the highest standards. Hale ensures transparency in getting custom home projects delivered within the time frame and on budget. To find out how we can help you build your next dream custom designed home, call us today on 03 9646 7856 or fill out an online contact form and we’ll be with you right away.

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