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5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Custom Home Builder Before Signing With Them

5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Custom Home Builder Before Signing With Them

Choosing to build a custom designed home can be quite the investment.

If you’ve done the research and contracted the right professional custom home builders, building your custom home can be an extremely rewarding experience well-worth the costs and months (or years) of time spent on the project.

But if you happen to find yourself signed with a custom home builder who turns out to be not what you were after, you could find yourself in a very sticky situation. Miscommunication or lack thereof, as well as delays and hidden extra costs can all add up to thousands of dollars lost, plus invaluable amounts of time wasted.

We all want to avoid situations like this. So it’s important from the very beginning to find only the best custom home builders for your next custom home build – and this comes down to asking the right questions.

There are endless things you can ask your builder, which all depend on your unique custom home building wishes. However, there are some questions you should without fail, always ask your custom home builder before signing with them. Among those, here are the top 5 we recommend you ask your next potential custom home builder:

1. Are you an insured and licensed custom home builder?

This question is inarguably the first and most important question you should ask your custom home builder. All reputable and professional custom home building companies in Australia should be fully insured, licensed and registered to ensure they act within the proper regulations and guidelines within the construction industry.

At Hale, we’re proud to say that all our highly qualified builders are fully insured and that we’re professionally registered under the Victorian Building Authority – the official regulator responsible for regulating Victoria’s building and plumbing industries.

Any builder who seems hesitant or provides unclear answers to this question definitely represents a red flag that you should take note of.

2. What types of contracts are used? Is there flexibility in making changes or upgrades after commencing the build?

More often than not, you might change your mind about certain things you settled on early on in the planning stages of your custom home build. It helps to sign with a professional builder who offers some room for flexibility to ensure you’re completely happy with your completed home.

However, bear in mind that this will also affect your initial projected timeline, schedule and costs – all of which your custom home builder should clearly outline for you as well.

At Hale, we offer our custom home building services with a completely personalised approach – meaning your satisfaction is at the top of our priorities at all times.

3. Who will I be in touch with and how will they communicate with me throughout the custom home building process?

Clear lines of communication is an absolute essential when it comes to finding the right custom home builder.

Your builder should be able to demonstrate who will be your main point of contact, how they’ll be in contact with you to update the progress of your custom home build as well as how often they’ll be in touch with you.

This can include consultations and meetings on-site, progress checkups, as well as other means to keep you as fully informed and updated regarding your custom home building project.

From your initial consultation to designing, building, completion and beyond you’ll always remain readily informed by your dedicated team of custom home builders. Whenever you’re curious about the progress of your build, or have any questions, we’ll always be ready to answer and assist.

4. What types of construction do you specialise in?

The types of construction services in building companies can vary tremendously by property type. So, when it comes to finding a builder specifically for your next custom designed home, we highly recommend seeking the services of a specialist custom home building company or a company that can demonstrate their strong expertise in delivering exceptional standard custom made homes.

You’ll find that at Hale, we’ve built a range of exceptionally designed custom made homes – especially high end or luxury homes that boast the finest workmanship and sophistication.

At Hale, we’ve been building custom designed dream homes since 2006 – and we’ve never built the same home twice. When you choose Hale to build your custom home in Melbourne, we promise a perfect fit – for your family, your lifestyle, your land, and your budget.

5. Where can I see your previous custom home projects?

Any builder can suggest that they’ve built hundreds of impressive custom homes, but only those who can prove it with previous successful projects are the ones you should actually trust and take their word for.

Always ask for previous custom home projects they’ve completed and compare it to the type of custom home you’d like to build – looking out for similarities in terms of style, budget, timeframe, etc.

At Hale, you can find our featured residential projects on our site as well as explore our walk-in Finishes Display Centre in Port Melbourne – so you can get a real-life feel of what features and additions you can include in your next beautifully designed custom built home.

When it comes to building your dream custom home, never settle for anything that makes you feel uncertain. After asking key questions like this to your next potential custom home builder, you should have a much better idea of whether they’re the right fit for building your new custom designed home.

At Hale, we’ll always make sure you are fully informed and have a clear understanding of how we’re going to deliver your brand new custom made home – including details on everything from budgets, timeline, add-ons or changes, our builders’ qualifications, insurance, warranties, previous projects, and more.

Simply get in touch with our leading team of custom home builders at Hale today. No matter what question you need help with, we’re always ready and will be more than happy to assist you. Call today on (03) 9646 7856 or fill out our online contact form with your details and we’ll be in touch with you in no time.

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