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5 Tips on How to Make Your Room Look Bigger and Brighter

5 Tips on How to Make Your Room Look Bigger and Brighter

Living in smaller sized homes has its own set of unique perks. There’s less to worry about in terms of maintenance, and smaller homes provide a much more economical way to live. Not to mention that there are a range of beautiful, modern, and even luxurious home designs for even the smallest and most modest sized homes. But one thing you might struggle with is making sure your rooms don’t feel constricted or dull, given that you may not have a large amount of space to work with.

The good news is that there are a range of ways you can design and revamp the smaller areas and rooms in your home for a bigger and brighter feel.

So, whether you’ve got a small kitchen, living room, or bedroom that you want to improve the look and feel of, or you’re looking to build a modest sized, luxury home (and in need of some ideas to make the most out of your spaces) we’ve listed below 5 of our top tips to help you make your rooms look bigger, brighter and more enjoyable to live in.

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1. Let Natural Light Flow In

Let Natural Light Flow In

The first tip on our list is all about using natural light to brighten and open up the appearance of your rooms. Sunlight always helps a room look more spacious than it actually is, so we recommend having your windows positioned to allow as much light in. Also, make sure no furniture or decor is blocking the sun from entering. Natural light also elevates the feeling of warmth and vibrancy in your room as well, so you’ll want to make sure as much light can flow in to create the illusion of a bigger and more open spaced room.

2. How To Make Your Room Look Bigger With Curtains

Room Look Bigger With Curtains

Another useful tip in making your rooms look bigger and brighter is by placing your curtains beyond the edges or sides of your windows. This creates an illusion that your windows are longer or larger than they actually are – and also allows more light to shine through as well. It also helps if your windows and curtains are at full length – i.e. reaching from the ceiling to the bottom of the floor.

Hanging your curtains this way opens up the view to the outdoors, which can be a focal point that distract the eyes away from the size of the room itself.

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3. Switch To Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Having an array of beautiful furniture may seem appealing at first, but if there’s too much going on this can often lead to a look of clutter and lack of space. Luckily, with multi-purpose furniture you get all the functionality you need but with less space.

Think ottomon tables that also act as storage units underneath, or walk-in closet seat islands that also feature drawers on the side. There’s a wide range of innovative and stylish multi-purpose furniture to suit all types of small homes and rooms.

4. How To Make Your Room Look Bigger With Mirrors

Mirrors Room Look Bigger

Mirrors are simple yet very effective ways to provide more depth and the brightness to your rooms.

One way you can use mirrors is to position them in a way that reflects natural light that enters your room. The reflection will amplify the brightness and overall spacious feel to the room. Alternatively, you could hang mirrors in a way that creates the illusion of windows, serving as another focal point visitors can draw their eyes to (instead of the inside area of the room).

5. Choose Wall Colours That Make Your Room Look Bigger

Wall Colours Make a Room Look Bigger

Just by using the right wall colour can make a huge difference in how much larger your room appears to be. The most common choices of wall paint or colours for a more open-space look and feel include white, off-whites, light taupes, and light neutral colours like grey.

How does white make your room look bigger?

It’s a well known fact that light colours such as white can be used to open up the look of any space, especially as it helps reflect any natural light that comes in to brighten up the room. Light coloured walls like white or off-white shades can also draw your attention to other focal points of the room like mirrors, spacious floors or even large furniture that give off the feeling that the room is much bigger than it actually is.

Creating luxurious and sophisticated homes doesn’t mean you need acres of land – even the smallest of homes can be designed for stunning and timeless appeal. Regardless of the size home you’re after, there are a range of ways you can create your dream home with all the functionality, versatility and sophistication you’re looking for.

At Hale, we help homeowners achieve their dream home – from contemporary, art deco, French, tudor, Colonial, to everything in between. To find out how you can build the home you’ve always wanted, get in touch with trusted custom building experts at Hale today. Call (03) 9646 7856 or fill out our quick contact us form and we’ll be with you right away.

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