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What You Need Before Building A New Custom House

What You Need Before Building A New Custom House

Before you can begin building a new custom house in Melbourne you need a block of land. The location of your block is very important because it will affect what you are permitted to build both aesthetically and structurally.

You may also need a construction loan, unless you have enough savings, and a building contract from a trusted custom house builder such as Hale Corp.

The importance of the location of your block cannot be overstated.  This is where it all begins. So carefully consider aspects such as the topography, natural features, how much sun it gets, the site’s orientation and if there’s an existing home on the block that will need demolishing.

What to Look For When Choosing Your Block

There are a few things to consider when choosing the block of land when planning a custom build.

  • The block’s size
  • How close are the neighbours (how much space from their fence)?
  • Is the block flat or sloping?
  • Is it north facing? (which direction does the sun shine?)
  • Is it near the water, bush or a state forest?
  • What trees are on the block?
  • What styles are other houses in the neighbourhood?
  • Is the water, power etc connected?
  • Do you want a view or privacy?
  • What about a view or privacy
  • Are you building for energy efficiency?

Now it’s Time to Research the Block of Land

When you find a block of land that you think will be perfect for building upon which to build a custom home, and that suits your idea of the custom design you want, you need to do your research. There are a few steps involved in the process of building a custom home. You need to go to the local council and ask for information on the land’s zoning, utility connections, and the need for a building permit. For flat or sloping blocks there may be restrictions on what you can build on it.

Other Considerations For Your Block

For instance, certain zoning requirements can affect setback distances from the street. How high can you build your house and what kind of planning permit do you need for your house design and floor plans? If you’re building a house in an historic location there might be restrictions on paint colours, facades, and construction materials and building specifications which may affect construction costs. And one way to find out if it’s a good neighbourhood to live in, chat with the neighbours.

Proximity to Services

When you have your perfect block in a location that suits you and your family with regard to the proximity of shopping centres, parks, medical centres, schools, railway stations and bus stops, etc. what next? You can move on to your budget and timeframe and the design of your custom-built home. Checking your budget and timeframe will determine the size and floor plan of your new construction.

What About Your Budget?

When moving into the realm of home ownership without a clear idea of how much money you can spend on your new custom building it’s virtually impossible to decide on the size of your new house. But you need to know, for instance, how many bedrooms you want so you can save money and not go into financial stress. Deciding on design features is also affected, so consider the following:

  • How much the land has or will cost
  • Local council or state taxes and charges
  • Design costs
  • The actual build price
  • Costs of landscaping
  • Having a budget contingency plan for blowouts

Designing Your New Custom House

Next, you need a plan and design for your new custom house. This is probably the most exciting part of the dream house building process, creating a space that is special and leads to owning your own home.  Everything’s up to you and your Hale builder team – from benchtops to heating and cooling, built-ins and master bedroom to room arrangements.

Choosing the size of your dream home includes knowing if there are any restrictions and planning provisions on what kind of home you can build on your site. How many family members will live there? It also depends on the kind of layout you want, the number of bedrooms and other rooms, how high you want to go, one, two or more storeys and other features you want built-in.  Do you want a green, eco-design?  Fireplaces or under-floor heating for instance?

Other Design Considerations For Custom Builds

Part of the excitement of a new project such as the decision to build a custom home on your property includes choosing the design. Deciding on how many bathrooms and bedrooms you need, how many formal or informal living spaces will also have an impact on the timeframe and building costs.

Do you need a home office and media room, a mudroom, formal dining area, eat-in kitchen, or home gym? Do you want a louvred roof cover over your patio and sliding doors to blur the demarcation between inside spaces and outdoors? Consider a kids’ playroom, a dedicated laundry room, a granny flat and how many cars need a garage?  And don’t forget a shed or workplace, studio for music or arts and crafts.

The Hale Vision For Your Custom House

At Hale, we are home builders who never fail to deliver on our promises for stunning new home design and custom homes. We are with you through the whole process and our top quality building materials boast timeless character, sophistication and functionality for your unique new home. Contact us today to get the ball rolling so we can present you with your beautiful finished home!

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