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Home Architectural Styles

If you’ve decided to build a home, you might be looking for an architectural style that suits your needs, personality, and desire for sustainability and wonder what home designs are the most popular. So we’ve gathered up some of the new home architectural styles and interior designs that are expected to gain in popularity in 2023 for their features, practicality and aesthetics. 

At Hale Corp, we build homes in all styles, from Edwardian/Federation to Contemporary and Art Deco, to French Provincial. If you want to go off-grid and prefer an eco style, we can do that too. 

If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality providing it meets permit and town planning requirements.

New Home Architecture and Design

Mid-century modern styles are experiencing a revival among many new prefabricated home builds, with contemporary architecture borrowing some design elements. New home architecture design is also becoming much more personal with many homeowners using their new houses to reflect their individuality.

Sustainability gains traction

Sustainability is expected to be the biggest trend in home builds for 2023 in Australia. The demand for eco-friendly architecture is growing along with homeowners asking for renewables, earthy wood and similar natural materials. They want flooring made from wood, bamboo, cork, and linoleum, and they want wool and cotton or bamboo textiles. 

Some exciting new home designs and expected or continuing building trends include the following:

Curves to replace straight lines

Nature is curvy, and so the straight lines in home architecture styles over the past few years are on the wane with more Hobbitty arches, barrel-vault ceilings and curves in furniture styles. Arched doors and windows, curvy deck and verandah ceilings, plus curvy walkways are also expected to be in demand. 

Eco-friendly metal roofing

The popularity of metal roofs is growing due to the eco-friendly nature of this material which is modern, stylish, durable and long-lasting. Designers are expecting more metal on home exteriors as accents on verandah roofing or awnings. Metal roofs can last up to 70 years.

Patterned hardwoods

Vintage craftsmanship, which includes different tones of hardwoods with patterns and two-tone inlays, is now popular, and so is lighter hardwood flooring either in a whole room or one section.

More colour in the kitchen

The all-white kitchen and countertop fad seems to be waning with new home builders wanting a bit more life in the most used room in the house. The latest trends see more wood cabinetry or cupboard doors painted in neutral or warm colours and granite countertops with a hardwood island.

Accents in black

Black accents are back. New architect home interior designs feature black window frames both inside and outside and striking black lacquered front and back doors, and either shiny or matte black appliances.

Nature comes inside

New home builders are welcoming a design principle known as biophilic design, which includes maximising fresh air and sunlight indoors, along with more organic materials such as plants, and other natural additions.


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Why You Need to Choose Hale Corp

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