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Commercial Building Architecture

There’s more to commercial building architecture and commercial architecture design than meets the eye. It’s architecture that creates history, focusing on the development of buildings and spaces that shape our cities and urban landscapes. These buildings are architecture-designed commercial real estate used for producing commodities and providing services or retail outlets and offices. But commercial building architecture also includes commercial tenement building plans.

A commercial location may vary from a remote warehouse to a CBD high-rise office building. However, it may also include blocks of flats for commercial or residential use whose architecture can add or detract from a suburb or town centre’s attractiveness.

Commercial Architectural Design vs Residential

Commercial apartment architecture and modern commercial building projects focus on the needs of a business, whether they’re designing a plan for building a commercial office block with retail or other services at street level or a factory building on an industrial site. A commercial architectural design accommodates the daily business demands of the space making it functional and fit for purpose. 

A commercial construction may also be home to various different uses in the same building, such as a mall or shopping complex with a medical centre. A commercial apartment architecture design may be a block with street-level retail which is considered a commercial property since the owners run it as a business leasing the retail premises and also flats to tenants.

On the other hand,  a residential building has as its main function the housing of people usually in stand-alone single-storey housing to townhouses and multiplex units. Both commercial and non-commercial architects will sit down with builders and potential homeowners and design a plan based on their clients’ needs and desires.

Commercial vs Residential Building

Commercial architects – or a commercial building landscape architect – won’t spend all their time at their drafting table, but work out in the field, studying the behaviour of clients and customers and how they interact. Commercial architects understand commercial architecture trends, consumer traffic flows and the psychology behind marketing and sales, plus the latest commercial architectural styles. 

They also consider factors such as refrigeration for food storage, goods delivery and access for bulk or large products, forklift space, restricted areas, security and more. In both residential housing and commercial buildings there’s also the need for an understanding of ​fire regulations, council rules and regulations, parking, lifts, environmental aspects and possible future expansion of a block.

Major differences:

Plumbing needs to be more extensive and advanced in commercial construction compared with residential buildings. In a block of flats, for instance, every floor will usually need multiple kitchen and bathroom facilities and in a commercial building, the work on the electrical side of things may be complicated. A commercial building needs more lighting, and more power outlets to cater to a high number of tenants and if it is a block that has street-level retail, this will include staff and customers.

The Steps Taken in Commercial Architecture

The steps taken in commercial architecture can vary depending on the type of business and any existing infrastructure but may include meeting with the client to discuss their needs and discover in-depth details about their investment. Suppose the investor has not yet chosen a building block for their commercial building. In that case, the architect may review and offer professional advice about blocks that may be appropriate for the project the client has in mind.

When the commercial architecture plan is approved, the commercial architect will then sit at their drafting table and generate the technical plans, the timelines of the project and the estimated cost of the development, which will finalise the plan. The commercial architect then liaises with the building company and vendors to guide the construction.

The Benefits of a Commercial Building Architect

Partnering with a skilled commercial architect for a modern architecture-designed commercial building has many benefits. An architect will use their professional insight, knowledge and experience to transform an idea and plan on paper into an ideal space where people can work, shop or live happily. Such a plan can promote lower operating costs, a positive environment, higher tenancy rates and longer-term leases for business premises.


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