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St Kevin’s College, Victor McMahon Music Centre, Toorak VIC Australia

After outgrowing the existing music centre, a new facility was needed to meet the needs of its growing music program for both junior and senior students. read more


The Maggies Cancer Caring Centre at Monklands General Hospital, Monkscourt Avenue, Airdrie, Airdrie, North Lanarkshire ML6 0JS, UK

The new Maggies brings a sense of “continuity and enclosure”. read more


San Rocco’s Single Edition ‘Book Of Copies’ In Circulation

The San Rocco Book of Copies is described as “a database comprised of images that may be copied in order to produce architecture; a receptacle of a collective form of knowledge that we can provisionally call ‘architecture’.” read more


Urban Treehouse, Zehlendorf, Berlin, Germany

A family project based on the initiative of the grandfather and his grandson.  read more


Huize Looveld, Duiven, Netherlands

A house fire gives these occupants an opportunity to rebuild a new house that includes all the things the old house didn’t. read more


NJIT Graduates Create A Biodegradable Pavilion For Sukkahville 2014

The annual Sukkahville design competition in Toronto challenged entrants to reimagine the sukkah, a structure  described as a “symbolic wilderness shelter, symbolising the frailty and transience of life,” traditionally built during the Jewish festival of Sukko, commemorating the 40 years the Jews spent wandering the desert. read more


Architecture Interview with Jess Zimbabwe

“We as a species assign value to people based on the environments we ask them to live in. And I think most people are worth more than a lot of the environments that we ask them to live, work, attend school and shop in.” read more


Media Library, Bourg-la-Reine France

This landmark building was constructed in a strategic location, the city centre. read more


Books claim Le Corbusier was a “Militant Fascist”

Allegations in two new books claim that architect Le Corbusier was a “militant fascist”. read more


Six classics that are younger than you think

These classic buildings are younger than you think:

  1. Whitman College, Princeton
  2. Oxford Center for Islamic Studies, Oxford
  3. Schermerhorn Symphony Center, Nashville
  4. Smith Center for the Performing Arts, Las Vegas
  5. Richmond Riverside, London
  6. Edificio Artklass, Bilbao

Find out how old they are here

Viewing Tower Lommel, Belgium

A thirty metre high observation tower was designed for the municipality of Lommel, the ‘Lommelse Sahara’. read more