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How to find the best location to build your new house in Melbourne

How to find the best location to build your new house in Melbourne

Melbourne is a fast growing city and a dream destination for many people worldwide. The city and the state of Victoria have recently beaten the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in Australia. This has highlighted the resilience, responsibility and dedication of the government and the people, increasing its popularity as a location to build your new house and settle in a vibrant community.

While the pandemic has affected the economy, home building is picking up again as restrictions are eased and more labourers and workers are permitted on job sites. But where are the best places to build around Melbourne?

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How to Choose the Right Location For Your Custom Home

Melbourne often appears on lists of the top 10 best places in the world to live, so it’s no wonder people are always searching for the right location to build their new custom homes here. And they are all spoilt for choice. With the best schools, parks, health facilities, shopping and transport, and culture of any Australian city, Melbourne has everything.

However, to find where is the best location to build a house does come down to personal choice, which will be coloured by your need for:

  • A new custom house to live in (versus moving into an existing home)
  • Schools close by
  • An investment house
  • A new holiday rental house near a beach
  • A new holiday home for yourself
  • Good transportation
  • Type of soil
  • Developments in the area
  • Property market trends
  • Parks
  • Community Centres
  • Shopping or retail

Once you’ve defined what your needs and preferences are, you can check out what the suburbs have to offer that fit in with your desires.

We don’t merely build, we innovate – We imagine, design and deliver custom home builds that perfectly fit your ideas and needs.

Some Great Melbourne Suburbs to Consider for Your Custom Home Build

Build a new house in Melbourne

Of course, the best suburb to live in depends on the type of lifestyle you’re after, however there are certain areas around Melbourne that are generally known to be go-to choices when it comes to buying or building new property.

With that being said, here are just some of the many great Melbourne suburbs or areas you can consider for your custom home build:


Located around 11km from the heart of Melbourne, Brighton is situated right along the coastline and nearby to many wonderful cafes, eateries, walks and more.

Brighton is known to be one of the most affluent suburbs in Melbourne, and a popular area for retired couples but also suitable for families of all ages.

This is a suburb that’s within walking distance to Brighton beach, and a perfect getaway from the fast-paced hustle and bustle in the Melbourne metropolitan area.


Hampton is another beach-side suburb in Melbourne, being a bit further than Brighton at 14km away from Melbourne CBD.

Hampton offers beautiful coastline views, as well as safe swimming along the wide stretched beach area. There are BBQ and picnic facilities nearby for the whole family to enjoy, plus an array of restaurants and shops to visit.


Elwood is located just around 8kms from Melbourne city centre and is a popular location for beach go-ers or those who love the outdoors.

Elwood is nearby to many shops, transportation, schools, and other highly sought after features in an ideal suburb to live in – making it a popular area for home and property investors alike.

Homes in Elwood are known to boast a mostly Edwardian character, with streets brushed with leafy trees and greenergy.

Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne is located right in the Western side of the Melbourne CBD, being only 3kms south-west from its city centre.

Over the past several years, Port Melbourne has undergone significant urban development. Now, Port Melbourne is known to be a diverse area, home to beaches, modern apartments, parks, to many popular restaurants and cafes.

Port Melbourne also sits on one end of the West Gate Bridge which connects the West to Eastern suburbs.

For prospective property or homeowners, Port Melbourne is just one of many great choices when it comes to building a new home.

If you’re looking to build a brand new custom home in Melbourne, get in touch with the custom home building specialists at Hale today.

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